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July 28, 2022
July 28, 2022

Live Roundtable April - Leveraging Telemedicine for Sustainable Humanitarian Aid

Join our discussion, with leading world experts, on the opportunities for telemedicine in humanitarian aid and how we can ensure sustainable long-term models are built.

With the recent events arising from Ukraine and the rise in global extreme poverty, there is a growing need to utilize up-to-date technology to maximize relief efforts. At this month’s Medcase Roundtable, we discussed the opportunities for using telemedicine in emergency humanitarian aid and how we can ensure that the initiatives we build are sustainable. View the recording here.  

Meet The Experts

We are excited to announce our speakers - leading experts with representation from the WHO, MSF, and Medcase.

Dorit Nitzan 

Former Regional Emergency Director at WHO

Dr. Nitzan served as the World Health Organization’s Regional Emergencies Director in Europe until February 2022 when she retired after 17 years with WHO and returned to Israel. 

From 2012 to 2016, Dr. Nitzan served as WHO Representative and Head of Country Office in Ukraine. From 2005 to 2012, she was the WHO Representative and Head of Country Office in Serbia and the Manager of Public Health Services for South-East Europe.

Dorit is a pediatrician, dietitian, and epidemiologist, who graduated from Tel Aviv and the Babies Hospital, Columbia University, New York.

Before joining the WHO, Dr. Nitzan was the Director of the Food and Nutrition Administration in the Israeli Ministry of Health. She was active in global health work through the Israeli Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, World Food Program and was a consultant to Ethiopia, China, Moldova, and the Russian Federation.

Dorit received awards and recognitions from the Israeli MOFA, UN, WHO, and the hospitals she served for. Dr. Nitzan joined NATAN in 2022 and headed the first humanitarian medical aid team for the Ukrainian refugees on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Clara Mazon 

Director of Telemedicine Services at MSF Canada

Clara has been MSF Canada's Telemedicine Program Director since August 2021. Passionate about how technology can improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients, she has worked throughout her career on a variety of initiatives in the e-health space and has been a catalyst for change.

Her experience with a Canadian telehealth platform, where she was instrumental in leading, improving and rapidly expanding telemedicine services. Clara is a nurse by profession, specializing in critical care early in her career and later in primary care. She brings a patient-centered approach to telemedicine.

Etan Pasternak

Head of Telehealth at Medcase 

Etan Pasternak is Head of Telehealth and an accomplished healthcare leader who focuses on lean process methodologies. He is experienced in leading operations for large tertiary care facilities, Value Based Care models, IDFS, and integrating technology into healthcare operations to assist clinicians, and improve patient care and outcomes.

Having experienced first-hand the Ukrainian refugee condition in Poland, Etan led Medcase's initial emergency medical response for displaced victims of the crisis. He continues to be heavily involved in developing telehealth solutions for humanitarian aid, both as part of the acute phase and as a long-term answer for sustainable health outcomes.

Topics Discussed

  • What is medical disaster relief? What types of medical response should be considered given different types of disasters? 
  • What are the challenges that organizations face when dispatching ground responders?
  • How can we use telemedicine to provide on-the-ground support through virtual assistance for triage, consultations, high-risk patient prioritization, or expert input?
  • How can we build long-term care initiatives through technology and telemedicine to ensure sustainable outcomes?
  • Live Q+A

Don't miss out on a chance to hear our experts' valuable insights! If you missed us, you can rewatch the Roundtable recording here.

To learn more about the Medcase initiatives for the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis, visit our Medcase For Good page.

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