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Enable the expertise of leading global HCPs providing patient-centric care and training AI for cutting-edge healthcare innovation. Navigate your clinical protocols and workflow, streamline payments, and tap into powerful medical knowledge at your fingertips.

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Our Solutions

Telehealth Solution
Telehealth Solution
Expert Network Solution
Expert Network Solution
Data Enrichment Solution
Data Enrichment Solution
Telehealth & Clinical Staffing

Our Telehealth Solution

To facilitate Telehealth innovation, Medcase gives the organization access to healthcare professionals, in any specialty, 20+ languages, 30+ countries, at any scale for any use case. (We focus on state-by-state coverage for the US).
Expert Network

Market Research with Expert Advisors

We provide access to the expertise and knowledge of healthcare professionals in any specialty, in 20+ languages, in 30+ countries, at any scale for, any use case.
Data Discovery & Enrichment

Our Medical Data Discovery & Enrichment Solutions

To facilitate Telehealth innovation, the industry must have access to healthcare professionals at sc…” with “To facilitate Telehealth innovation, Medcase gives the organizations access to healthcare profession…
Pharma & Biotech
Medcase provides pharmaceuticals access to the expertise and knowledge of healthcare professionals in any specialty, in 20+ languages, in over 30+ countries, at any scale.
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Telehealth Infrastructure & Clinical Staffing
Medcase gives organizations access to healthcare professionals to support virtual care services with Telehealth technology and scalable staffing solutions.
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Medical Device Companies
Fostering innovation by connecting the medical device industry to medical expertise.
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Solutions for Enterprise
Fostering innovation by connecting enterprise to medical expertise, knowledge, and data.
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Our Solutions

Telehealth Solution
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Expert Network Solution
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Data Enrichment Solution
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What Our Partners Are Saying

What Our Partners Are Saying

“As a startup, having strong partners to help build your company’s processes is crucial. Through Medcase’s leading network of clinicians, enjoyable staff, and rich collaboration, our company is able to meet the critical and unique needs of our products in the field.”
Andrew Stawarz
R&D Manager at Digital Diagnostics
“We’ve had a fantastic experience working with Medcase. On multiple occasions, we had tight deadlines to get critical voices of customer input to help us make strategic decisions. Medcase consistently came through with relevant medical experts – nursing or physician – to help us make a customer-based decision.”
Vickerie Williams
Director of Downstream Marketing at Access Vascular
"Working with Medcase has been a very smooth experience in solving our challenge of recruiting quality clinicians in a short duration of time. The team has been supportive through their end-to-end PM support, making it easy for us to scale and grow the project as needed."
Sigal Trattner Ph.D
Clinical Manager at Nanox.AI
"Working with medcase was pivotal in quickly validating and testing my product. Getting access to globally distributed clinicians was very simple and quick!"
Vijay Selvaraj
Founder at Akello Health
"Medcase has been phenomenal! Their professional, friendly, and knowledgeable approach really made it possible for us to realize our start-up goals and launch into production in just a few months. Together we've been able to successfully navigate the inevitable pivots and pitfalls involved in creating a new business model and technology in this complex space. I can't say enough how much I like all the people involved. I really look forward to growing together with Medcase as our partner."
Jason Pasciak
Co-Founder & CTO at
"Medcase has played a huge role in our product development pipeline, providing us with access to top tier medical professionals for their medical labeling services. They have been a tremendous partner in terms of their collaboration, communication, and commitment to our project needs and timeline."
The Verily Team
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