An ever-evolving network of healthcare professionals sitting at the intersection between technology, healthcare, and at every corner of the world. We allow enterprises and clinicians to connect seamlessly, improving visibility for organizations to build tools and workflows that are compliant and scalable, while empowering professionals to lead global change.

Our Mission

Founded in 2021, Medcase's mission is to provide the world with better healthcare outcomes.
By building the largest global network of medical experts and healthcare professionals for enterprises and healthcare companies to access our network's knowledge and data in order to scale their solutions and redefine the boundaries of healthcare.

Our Vision

Our vision is to democratize access to healthcare through innovation, people, and technology and make the world a better place.

Our Values

Medcase fosters an environment of transparency both internally and to our network of professionals and customers.
Trust is built into our core. Customers and professionals need to be able to trust Medcase to provide solutions and services as agreed.
Medcase is building a community of global healthcare professionals, and business partners who want to bring better outcomes in health.
Being kind to each other is our mantra for the workplace. Being kind comes at no cost and shows strength.

The Medcase Management Team

Driven by the mission to facilitate and expedite innovation for better outcomes
Niv Shochat, CPA
Tal Oren
EVP of Business Development and Sales
Cristina Ramos
VP of Project Operations

What Our Partners Are Saying

What Our Partners Are Saying

"Medcase has been phenomenal! Their professional, friendly, and knowledgeable approach really made it possible for us to realize our start-up goals and launch into production in just a few months. Together we've been able to successfully navigate the inevitable pivots and pitfalls involved in creating a new business model and technology in this complex space. I can't say enough how much I like all the people involved. I really look forward to growing together with Medcase as our partner."
Jason Pasciak
Co-Founder & CTO at tb2.ai
"Medcase has played a huge role in our product development pipeline, providing us with access to top tier medical professionals for their medical labeling services. They have been a tremendous partner in terms of their collaboration, communication, and commitment to our project needs and timeline."
The Verily Team
"Working with medcase was pivotal in quickly validating and testing my product. Getting access to globally distributed clinicians was very simple and quick!"
Vijay Selvaraj
Founder at Akello Health
“We’ve had a fantastic experience working with Medcase. On multiple occasions, we had tight deadlines to get critical voices of customer input to help us make strategic decisions. Medcase consistently came through with relevant medical experts – nursing or physician – to help us make a customer-based decision.”
Vickerie Williams
Director of Downstream Marketing at Access Vascular
“As a startup, having strong partners to help build your company’s processes is crucial. Through Medcase’s leading network of clinicians, enjoyable staff, and rich collaboration, our company is able to meet the critical and unique needs of our products in the field.”
Andrew Stawarz
R&D Manager at Digital Diagnostics
"Working with Medcase has been a very smooth experience in solving our challenge of recruiting quality clinicians in a short duration of time. The team has been supportive through their end-to-end PM support, making it easy for us to scale and grow the project as needed."
Sigal Trattner Ph.D
Clinical Manager at Nanox.AI
Medcase by Numbers
Some of the key outputs of our global network of healthcare professionals
Surveys Completed
Clinical Opinions
Video Calls
5 TB
Accessed Data via the Medcase Platform

Our Investors

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