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          What We Do

Medcase empowers enterprises with global experts to support healthcare innovation. Our rapidly growing network includes healthcare providers from over 30 countries who speak 20+ languages.

  • Training AI & Machine Learning  
  • Improved medical data aggregation & integration
  • Comprehensive health data sets
  • Market research
  • Medical content auditing
  • And more!

          How We Do It

Enterprises looking to promote healthcare innovation within their organizations can work with Medcase in various ways. Innovators can use Medcase to support end-to-end project management, market research, AI development, machine learning, clinical trial research, etc.

Complete End-to-End Project Management

Expert recruitment, contracting, and payment

Carry-out project objectives and goals according to customer protocols

Scalable solutions or one-time use cases

AI Development & Machine Learning

Audit medical data in any format. 

High-quality data enrichment that can shorten Time2Algo™ (time-to-algorithm) 

Align datasets and remove biases 

Make imaging data discoverable and enable its usage for AI algorithms and medical researchers

Ongoing feedback and reports

Go-to-Market Strategies

Identify market needs and opportunities.

Carry out all project objectives, goals, & protocols

Create a medical advisory board from our expert network 

Obtain high-level feedback or deploy large-scale surveys

Conduct face-to-face interviews or virtual meetings with experts

Medical Content QA & Auditing

Validate medical content, in any form, in near real-time

Experts validate content with their deep understanding of up-to-date practices

Domain knowledge in diverse languages & geographies

Integrate complex workflows and feedback loops to validate content at scale 

Clinical Trial Research & Cohort Discovery

Automated feasibility questionnaire (FQ) 

Quality assurance 

Defined clinical trial goals

Regulatory approval process guidance

Experts for imaging reviews and Reader Studies

Source potential aggregate cohorts of patients

Dedicated clinical operations lead

The Medcase network is an endless resource for education and training specific to an enterprise's needs at scale.

High-level provider insights
Hassle-free management
Access to clincians in 35+ countries, 30+ languages, and across 40+ specialties
Expert credential verification
Understand market dynamics and needs
Leverage one, or hundreds, of medical experts

Case Studies

Case Study
Video Annotation

Medical Device Startup

A medical device startup leveraged Medcase for access to four US Board Certified radiologists with 5+ years of experience reviewing MRI Segmentations.

  • The medical device startup required Medcase's assistance in reviewing and marking 540 segmented MRI datasets provided by the company for FDA purposes.
  • The client provided Medcase with the appropriate datasets, labeling tools, and training materials to onboard the radiologists.
  • The radiologists reviewed the segmented MRI datasets for overall accuracy (boundaries of segmented organs) and correctly annotated the segmentation mark-ups. 
  • The project was split between four radiologists, took on average 45-min per data set review, and the overall project took 405 hours to complete. 

Case Study
Surveys + Interviews

Top Five Medical Device Company

An AI-driven product team within a top five medical device company has leveraged Medcase for access to highly specialized clinicians to gain feedback on product design, feature prioritization, and quality of the product development process.

MISSION: "Providing field experts to give their input to solve the greatest challenges of our day.”

  • The product team utilized clinicians within their key target markets (Western Europe, USA, Japan) to speak with an advisory panel of ten clinicians monthly.
  • The outcome was an iterative process where the product team digests the information given to them by the advisory panel, implements changes to the product as suggested, and continues to make changes and improvements based on the feedback provided by the clinicians. 
  • The final result was a prioritized feature list and development roadmap based on buy-in from unbiased, in-market end-users of their solutions.

Case Study
Video Annotation

Life Sciences Research Organization

A cancer diagnostics medical equipment manufacturing company leveraged Medcase for access to 6 pathologists within the United States and EU, with the primary objective of developing an AI model that can assist pathologists in identifying clinically significant areas in breast tissue slides.

  • The Medcase team trained each pathologist utilizing materials provided by the cancer diagnostics company. 
  • Each pathologist was required to pass an alignment test (15 cases for each pathologist to be completed in one week), so the company could ensure each pathologist's quality and efficiency before kicking off the project.
  • For quality assurance, each case was reviewed by three pathologists. Each case took between 20-40 minutes to complete. The overall project took 325 hours to complete.

Case Study
Medical Content Verification

A Global Search Engine

A global search engine searched for providers to assist in their fight to combat medical misinformation.

MISSION: To support the organization in displaying accurate medical information and combating misinformation, especially during the pandemic. Medcase helped audit medical content at a large scale and in multiple languages.

  • MARCH 2020 - Partnered with the organization to respond to the pandemic & carry out the mission
  • JAN 2021 - Provided 6-hour SLAs with our On-call doctors using innovative queuing technology, saving millions of dollars
  • JUNE 2021 - Provided top-class technology innovations and automation, saving $880K on monthly spending
  • SEP 2021 - Scaled to $300K MRR revenues & currently serving 50+ physician, in 25+ languages

Case Study
Surveys + Interviews

Top Four Consulting Firm

A top-four consulting firm searched for 400 clinical specialists in multiple geographies to provide their product and market feedback for a top medical device client.

MISSION: "Providing the firm with high-level access to experts to address changing market environment and attain a constant feedback loop with market trends."

  • NOV 2021 - Partnered with our customer, sent requirements. Determined time to delivery of 400 clinicians.
  • DEC 2021 - Medcase curates the desired expert specialists and geographies.
  • JAN 2022 - We kicked off quickly with over 400 specialists worldwide working on a project valued at over $50,000.

Case Study
Data Acquisition (+Enrichment)

AI Startup

An innovative AI startup needed annotated X-ray images to develop its product and effectively build its machine accurately.

MISSION: Ensuring that non-PHI, de-identified data is available for startups building the systems and products of tomorrow.

  • OCT 2021 - Medcase partnered with our customer, identifying the desired data type and the enriching process.
  • NOV 2021 - The customer signed a contract outlining the goal of enabling and enriching the X-ray images with our leading radiologists.
  • DEC 2021 - Medcase delivered the enriched images to the customer during our agreed-upon timetable.

Case Study
Video Annotation

Life Sciences Research Organization

ORGANIZATION: Focused on using technology to better understand health, as well as prevent, detect, and mange disease.

MISSION: Helping to drive better surgical outcomes by building AI and ML systems to provide feedback on surgical videos.

  • Partnered to provide 20+ surgeons in Europe, and 4 auditor-ranked surgeons, to drive quality and efficiency.
  • Studied and annotated 1,000's of anonymized surgical videos to feed into the AI/ML mechanisms.

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