Medcase for Good

There is a responsibility that comes with being able to tap into the global network of professionals that can save lives and provide assistance and outcomes to those in dire need. We believe it is part of our mission to assist where we can in global efforts to help those unfortunate. Leveraging our ability to lead expeditionary medicine in times of crisis, read below how Medcase is leading the way,


Building a community-based health system for Ukrainian refugees that ensures no clinical need is left behind.

As thousands of Ukrainians are forced to uproot their lives and flee to neighboring countries for safety, there is an urgent need for on-the-ground and virtual medical humanitarian assistance. Together, health and medical organizations are uniting to enable a one-stop solution to ensure that Ukranians’ and Ukrainian refugees have access to basic needs like healthcare.

Mobile Knowledge

Ensuring access to a network of multi-speciality medical expertise and skills delivered directly through a proven platform to patients via iPads.

Virtual Records

Creating a virtual medical healthcare record from the moment the refugee patient is identified and is theirs to own.


Partnering with local medical staff, humanitarian organizations and an extended virtual network of global clinicians.


Supporting on-the-ground facilitation for refugee onboarding, management and any prescription need.



Where can I stay updated?

Follow all the updates about our humanitairn efforts in Poland and Romania on our blog and LinkedIn.

Who should I contact for questions?
  • For humanitarian organizations - Medcase provides a one-stop solution for telehealth and on-site medical assistance. Email sarrica@medcase.health for enquiries.
  • For healthcare professionals - to help provide medical assistance in Russian or Ukrainian, either physically or remotely, please sign up here.
  • For businesses wishing to donate to relief efforts, supply medical experts and more, please sign up here.
  • For press - additional information regarding our initiatives may be requested at media@medcase.health
What resources are needed?

We are currently looking for:

  • Clinical professionals
  • Health technology or tech support
  • Donations and healthcare supplies
  • Media and PR

If there are any additional resources that are not on this list, but you think may be relevant for our cause, please contact us.  

Who can help?

Everyone! Particularly, we are looking for: healthcare professionals, tech experts, healthcare organizations, and media/PR professionals. However, donations from anyone are welcome. Please also help us spread the word.