Case Studies

On demand data labeling
One of our clients, a Fortune 20 company, required clinicians for a data project. Using the marketplace the client was able to quickly hire over 50 clinicians from the US within 2 days. Thanks to marketplace, our client saved valuable time, money, and administrative difficulties, all the while maintaining their need for full auditable records of clinicians. Now all their data is centralized and verifiable as well as FDA ready.
On demand data labeling
On demand Research and Development
On demand
Research and Development
One of our clients, a Fortune 100 company, required surgeons in 15 countries to quickly provide feedback on a new medical device they were developing. Using the marketplace our client was able to quickly survey and discuss their solution with 100 clinicians in 14 days. This helped provided unparalleled product development insights.
Scalable Data
A leading healthcare start up required access to 100,000
X- rays and aggregated anonymous patient records for development of a world leading algorithm to detect cancer and other attributes. Using the Medcase data marketplace the process was seamless, compliant and AI ready and seamlessly labeled at sale by clinicians globally.
On demand data labeling
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