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July 28, 2022
July 28, 2022
Medical Data

Live Roundtable June - Diversity and Biases in Healthtech Data

Is the lack of diversity in healthtech data compromising AI algorithms? In the upcoming Live Roundtable, we discuss how we can overcome the barriers to diversifying data to make sure AI is inclusive.

According to STAT news, more than half the data used in healthcare AI comes from the U.S. and China. This can potentially translate into enormous biases and mass applicability problems. What are the barriers to diversifying data and how can these be overcome to ensure that AI data is inclusive?

On our June Live Roundtable, our experts discussed the consequences of homogenous data and how important it is to open communication and network channels to enable data sharing and build our algorithms with representative data. You can now watch the full recording here.

Meet Our Experts

Fayruz Kibria

Data Operations Lead at Medcase

Fayruz is currently an Operations Lead at medcase, working on projects related to health informatics. She is a trained biomedical physicist who has worked in the medical device and medical imaging industry with a focus on prostate cancer. She is also a data scientist and is very enthusiastic about the convergence of data and health sciences.

Dr. Reza Jarral

Clinical Director at CareHQ, Clinical Director for Equity at ProCare

Dr. Jarral is the Clinical Director of the national telehealth platform CareHQ, the Clinical Director for Equity at ProCare and an Edmund Hillary Fellow. His work focuses on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable in society and promoting the responsible use of technology in healthcare. He guest-lectures at Tech Futures Lab and supports startups at the Impact Collective, DigitalHealth.London and Healthtech Supernode. Dr Jarral also collaborates in multi-lateral teams at the WHO and IEEE, where he hopes to shape a better and brighter collective future, using health technology. In 2021 Dr. Jarral was one of five alumni who received an Emerging Alumni Leaders Award from Imperial College London, in recognition for his humanitarian work and leadership in responsible innovation.

You can now re-watch the Live Roundtable on-demand from our Youtube channel!

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