Motherhood in Healthcare: Are We Doing Enough to Support Our Moms?

With most of the healthcare workforce being women, many of which go on to become mothers, how can we support their careers to ensure that the health industry aligns with modern-day values?

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Mar 31

Live Roundtable April - Leveraging Telemedicine for Sustainable Humanitarian Aid

Join our discussion, with leading world experts, on the opportunities for telemedicine in humanitarian aid and how we can ensure sustainable long-term models are built.
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Mar 20

The TB epidemic: are global networks the missing key to driving innovative solutions?

Every year, the WHO marks March 24th as World TB Day to raise public awareness about the disease that continues to be the second-largest infectious killer after COVID-19. With initiatives spread out across the world, how can health experts, field clinicians, and techies come together to expedite innovative solutions?
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Mar 13

Ukraine Crisis Relief - Medcase Humanitarian Efforts in Poland

Here is a collation of all the personal accounts written by Etan Pasternak, our head of Telehealth, who visited Poland last week to coordinate our Ukrainian crisis relief efforts there.
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Mar 13

Medcase Offers Immediate Medical Assistance to Ukrainian Refugees Across Neighboring Countries

The global network for remote and on-demand access to medical expertise, Medcase, mobilized hundreds of doctors in collaboration with international hospitals and NGOs.
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Mar 11

Ukraine Crisis Relief - A Truly Critical Response (Day 3)

Join Etan on day 3 of his work on the Ukrainian crisis as he tells of the dire need for additional medical assistance and how we can help from thousand of miles away.
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Mar 9

Ukraine Crisis Relief - Subfreezing Queues and A Children's Playroom (Day 2)

Join Etan on day 2 of his work on the Ukrainian crisis as he tells the stories of an overfilled refugee center, long queues at the Ukrainian border, and a makeshift children's playroom amid the chaos.
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Mar 8

Ukraine Crisis Relief - A Personal Account from the Ground (Day 1)

Etan Pasternak, our Head of Telehealth and leading expert on mobilizing operational remote assistance, flew to the refugee camps in Poland to offer his hand and our assistance at the ongoing efforts to support the 2-million-plus refugees that have fled the borders of Ukraine. Here is a personal account of what he has witnessed.
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Mar 6

Telemedicine in Humanitarian Aid and Relief

 The telemedicine market is booming - can we optimize this to manage the current crisis relief effort? Here are the advantages, challenges, and their solutions.
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Feb 27

Upcoming March Webinar ‘Curing the Infodemic’ - Meet Our Experts!

Meet our experts for the upcoming webinar 'Curing the Infodemic' - Sarah Adams, Liz Ashall-Payne and Gil Bashe
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Feb 21

Medical Misinformation: Breaking Beyond Our Social Media Bubble

The fight against misinformation - are health professionals trapped within their social circles? How they can reach their patients before it's too late.
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