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Support virtual care services with Telehealth technology and scalable staffing solutions.
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What we do.

Medcase's extensive network of verified providers allows virtual care services to quickly scale and support patient needs via Telehealth to provide immediate solutions.

Medcase’s logistical expertise enables quick project deployment and execution.

How we do it.

To facilitate Telehealth innovation, Medcase provides access to healthcare professionals in any specialty, at any scale, for remote patient care.

Our rapidly growing network includes healthcare providers from over 30 countries who speak 20+ languages.

Integrated Solutions and Services:

  • Proprietary Platform with API Integration
  • Support or Expand Staffing Capabilities
  • Credentialed and Verified Providers
  • Malpractice Insurance Coverage
  • On-Demand or Scheduled Visits
  • State-by-State Coverage for the US
  • Multi-State Licensed Experts

On-Demand Global Expertise

Access domain knowledge in diverse languages & geographies

Curate providers specific to your project

Fully Managed Expert Logistics

Recruitment, contracting, and payment

Ongoing feedback and reports

Support or expand staffing capabilities 

Synchronous or asynchronous interactions with patients

Malpractice coverage

Seamless Integration

Custom software development & API integrations

White label solutions

Technical support

Customizable Options

Pilot programs

Rapid go-to-market strategies

Recruitment, training, and expert education on project goals & protocols

Medcase does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Hassle-free management
Quick execution
Expert credential verification
Data security
Integrated platforms
Leverage one, or hundreds, of medical experts

What does the process look like?

Define Your Needs
Together we will review goals, protocols, training needs, and project objectives.
Your Experts
Our team will ensure your experts are educated and trained to meet project goals.
Continuous Management
Medcase will continue to support IT issues, credentialing/ verification, and ongoing training of experts.
Keeping You in the Loop
Medcase will regularly provide you with reports, feedback, and process improvement suggestions.
Watch Your Solution Thrive, or Expand!
Medcase will continue to support your goals, or even help expand your project!

Case Studies

Case Study

A Booming Telehealth Platform

A telehealth platform searched for providers to assist in supplying their platform with primary care providers and licensed therapists.

MISSION: "Helping people to access mental health services is more important than ever in the face of a global pandemic like COVID-19."

  • SEP 2021 - Partnered with our customer, sent pricing and reviewed the contract together
  • OCT 2021 - After signing the contract, the customer received HCP CVs, hand picking the HCPs for their platform.
  • NOV 2021 - Scaling to supply HCPs in 15 states, allowing the customer to grow to a monthly revenue of over $500,000.

Providing Medical Power For

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