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We partner with healthcare data providers and health systems to source and secure requested data cohorts to third parties, to optimize and expedite opportunities for data access for R&D needs.
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What we do.

Medcase sources and anonymizes data for clients to ensure high-quality datasets and can decrease data biases in a compliant & cost-effective way.

Medcase uniquely focuses on making imaging data compliantly discoverable and practically enabled for AI algorithms and medical researchers. 

Medcase can deliver various data types, such as images, videos, audio files, labs, EMR, language transcriptions, and others as requested.

How we do it.

Global Discovery and Procurement 

Medcase provides healthcare organizations with immediate and privacy-compliant global exposure for their digital imaging assets. This opens new channels for healthcare organizations and enables remote researchers to safely and securely consider potential aggregate cohorts from global data holder's repositories. 

Raise the Value of Raw Data

Medcase streamlines and accelerates the data harmonization value chain, with advanced harmonization tools and access to external medical expertise. This enables member healthcare organizations to raise the value of their raw data as AI companies look to improve their algorithms scores.

Data for Cohort Discovery

Discovery of diversified cohorts with matched criteria for research 

Source compliantly discoverable medical data 

HIPAA/GDPR compliant 

Secure & compliant cloud workspaces (sandboxes)

Data Deliverables

Support multiple medical imaging modalities

FDA-compliant traceability & NPI codes 

Quality Assurance - dedicated clinical operations lead 

Workflow design and optimization

Integration Capabilities

API Integrations

Full technical support

Anonymization tools

Medcase gathers data to provide professional enrichment services so that AI companies can teach computers to process visual information the way human brains do.

FDA-compliant traceability & NPI codes
Annotation & labeling services
Shorten the Time2Algo™
Secure & compliant cloud workspaces
GDPR compliant
Leverage your proprietary tools or integrations

How Do We Provide Access to Health Data?

Find Healthcare Data Providers Anywhere In The World
Medcase creates business partnerships with healthcare data providers and can source any requested data.
License Data for AI & Research
For example, license 1,000,000 scans/images for training an AI algorithm to detect cancer.
Anonymization & Compliance
Medcase uses anonymization tools to avoid any identification risks, and reach EU compliance (GDPR)
Secured & Compliant Cloud
The de-identified data is stored by our partner providers in a secured cloud.
Medcase clients are given a secure login to access the elements they requested.

Case Studies

Case Study
Data Acquisition (+Enrichment)

AI Startup

An innovative AI startup needed annotated X-ray images to develop its product and effectively build its machine accurately.

MISSION: Ensuring that non-PHI, de-identified data is available for startups building the systems and products of tomorrow.

  • OCT 2021 - Medcase partnered with our customer, identifying the desired data type and the enriching process.
  • NOV 2021 - The customer signed a contract outlining the goal of enabling and enriching the X-ray images with our leading radiologists.
  • DEC 2021 - Medcase delivered the enriched images to the customer during our agreed-upon timetable.

Providing Medical Power For

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