Part-time Remote Clinician - Audio Annotation

Task: Audio File annotations related to depression & anxiety. Clinicians will be required to listen to 3-5 minutes audio files and answer 2-3 questions related to mental health within the Customer’s annotation tool. Approximately 6,000 audio files that will each need to be reviewed by clinicians.


Qualification & Experience:
• Must reside in the country with significant familiarity and experience with the healthcare system in US
• Must be US board certified in these respective areas of specialization: Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers & Marriage & Family Therapists
• Must have medical license
• 3+ years clinical experience

Locations / Languages:


Project Duration:

Workflow would be a maximum of 20 hours per week per clinician


Hourly rate attractive and to be paid in USD

August 25, 2021

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